52mm x 1.8mm Glass Lens

52mm x 1.8mm Glass Lens

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A flashlight is a must-have in your emergency preparedness kit, but what happens when that essential device takes a tumble? Glass lenses in flashlights can easily break, but that doesn't mean you have to head out and purchase an entirely new device. With this Glass Lens, you can simply replace the broken glass and have your flashlight as good as new again. Fashioned out of high quality genuine glass, the lens is 52 millimeters wide by 1.8 millimeters thick, making it perfect for use in a wide variety of flashlight models. You can also use the lenses for a multitude of DIY projects.
Dimensions: 2.05 in x 2.05 in x 0.07 in
Weight: 0.42 oz
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