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Advanced 9-Piece Set Lock Picks

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To be a truly masterful locksmith, you need to have the best possible tools. This Advanced 9-Piece Set Lock Picks is an excellent addition to the tool collection of any locksmith who has moved on picking more complicated locks and needs additional picks to assist him or her. With the set, you'll get seven single picks oriented at different angles for opening a variety of lock types, including rake, hook, riffle, diamond and diamond hook style. A standard auto lock pick is included in the set as well as a specialty lock pick for transmission lists. The tools are precisely crafted to ensure ease of use.

The advanced 9-piece set lock picks are specifically designed for locks with small or narrow keyways. The advanced lock picks includes nine picks and one tension tool. The fantastic designed picks include most styles of rake, hook, riffle, diamond and diamond-hook. The lock picks are perfect to open the car locks and locks with narrow keyways.

- Manufacturer's product description:
- 7 single picks with different angles.
- 1 pick for openning car lock.
- Enclosing one transmission lists.

Professional Product: this product is intended for professional use only. Usage support cannot be provided due to the product's nature.
Dimensions: 5.91 in x 0.47 in x 0.16 in
Weight: 2.19 oz
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Text Reviews
Perfect Basic Set
Price: star
Ease of Use: star
Build Quality: star
Usefulness: star
Overall Rating: star
Pros: This is a terrific set for a beginner or a backup for the cupboard.After years of making my own it is nice to find a cheap set that you can have on hand when a friend wants a go!(saves them from hurting yours).
Have a very comfortable ergonomic handle and if you know what you are doing you can manipulate most locks fairly easy,with great feedback.
The tension wrenches were adequate but not great
Came in a pouch.
Cons: Not the greatest range of picks,a snake rake would have been nice.
2 tension were supplied with mine.The large one is great for bigger padlocks and door entry locks(although it is still slightly to large,nothing a file didn't fix) .
The smaller tension wrench was useless and now resides in the junk draw.
These are very small cons
Other Thoughts: Snake Rake
More variation!
How can anyone complain at this price!
Bottomline: A perfect set to start your lock-picking hobby.
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