Creative Scary Skull Design Cup Shot Glass - Transparent White

Creative Scary Skull Design Cup Shot Glass - Transparent White

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Double-walled glass features a skull inside shot glass. The design is so cool and fashionable, in the middle of the glass is a skull. If you drop some black or red color drinks, it seems that it is a real skull, it can be obtained a mysterious feeling in your party. This shot glass is definitely a novelty item and not something you would want to use while slamming back large amounts of alcohol. The glass compare to the common one have a big difference, the bottom of the glass is empty, when filled the liquid inside the skulls seems to"float"inside of the rim of the glass, it is hard to describe but it looks incredibly cool

- Material: High borosilicate glass
- Realistic skull style double layers cup
- Add some paranormal to your next party
- Hold your favorite beverage with this novelty cup

Dimensions: 2.76 in x 2.44 in x 2.76 in (7.0 cm x 6.2 cm x 7.0 cm)
Weight: 3.56 oz (101 g)

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