E27 3W 400LM White 48-LED IR Sensor Motion Activated Globular Bulb

E27 3W 400LM White 48-LED IR Sensor Motion Activated Globular Bulb

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- Passive IR infrared motion sensor built-in
- Sensor range: about 4 meters
- Light turns on for about 35 seconds upon motion detection, lights up continuously when continuous motion (e.g. walking) is detected
- 48 white ultra bright LED emitters
- E27 connector (the most commonly used home/office light bulb connector)
- Rated voltage: 220V

Dimensions: 4.06 in x 2.83 in x 2.83 in (10.3 cm x 7.2 cm x 7.2 cm)
Weight: 3.32 oz (94 g)
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Pros: + Reliable, sensitive sensor, no 'arm waving' needed, in fact my cat activates it walking underneath + Detects movement metres away (when mounted above). + Really quite bright (~200lm?) very suitable for lighting up sheds, carports, entryways, etc. + Good even pool of light, no hotspots. + Darkness activated, will not trigger during day. + Super low power usage, way better than motion-sensing floodlights, etc. + Has short duration, but LEDs don't care about being turned of and on rapidly.
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