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Flexible Joints Camera Tripod

Flexible Joints Camera Tripod

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- Flexible type tripod designed for digital gadgets, cameras, and camcoders
- Fits into your purse, backpack, or roomy jacket pocket
- Innovative indefinitely flexible segmented leg design to ensure secure mounting
- Standard universal mounting screw for attaching your camera to the tripod mount
- Expands creative options, or lets everyone get into self-timer shots
Dimensions: 1.38 in x 1.38 in x 6.5 in
Weight: 3.49 oz
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Flexible Joints Camera Tripod
Price: star
Ease of Use: star
Build Quality: star
Usefulness: star
Overall Rating: star
Pros: - VERY useful
- Tricky
- Flexible
- Strong joints
- Does very well its job
- Worth the price
- Works with any camera
Cons: - Cheap finishing
- Could be heavier
Other Thoughts: The concept works.
Bottomline: There's no much to say. Very useful product for a great price. Buy it
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