GU10 3W LED Spot Light Warm White 3500K 240LM (85~265V)

GU10 3W LED Spot Light Warm White 3500K 240LM (85~265V)

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Do you know the Powerful advantage of LED? Let’s take the LED lights, energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamp to have a contrast, ok?
Energy saving contrast: LED lamp is 93% energy saving more than incandescent lamps, 70% of the energy saving more than the energy-saving lamps;
Brightness contrast: in condition of same wattage, the brightness of LED lamp is 2.5 times as energy-saving lamps, 7 times as incandescent lamp;
Service life contrast: the life of LED lamp is 10 times as energy-saving lamps, 25 times as incandescent lamp. This lamp, no UV radiation, safe and long lifespan, instant start, no flashing and shockproof. What is more? Lights up your whole room.

Material:Aluminum alloy housing
Emitter Type:LED
Total Emitters:3
Rated Voltage:85~265V
Color BIN:Warm White
Luminous Flux:240LM
Color Temperature:3000K~3500K
Connector Type:GU10

Dimensions: 1.93 in x 1.93 in x 2.05 in (4.9 cm x 4.9 cm x 5.2 cm)
Weight: 1.13 oz (32 g)

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