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MR16 1*3W 650~700mA Constant Current Regulated LED Driver (8~24V Input)

SKU: 13557
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McAfee SECURE   
- Input: 8~24V- Output: 3~5V- Current: 650~700mA- Suitable for MR16 1 x 3W LED light bulb

Dimensions: 0.71 in x 0.55 in x 0.53 in
Weight: 0.21 oz
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Text Reviews
the usual pt4115 driver
Price: star
Ease of Use: star
Build Quality: star
Usefulness: star
Overall Rating: star
Pros: this driver is based on the famous pt4115 chip.

its so versatile it can take up 25V of LEDs and with a changed capacitor up to 30V.

it also has a bridge rectifier so it can also take AC
There was a wrong marking on the pcb. after the bridge rectifier there is a + and a - for the DC voltage. They are the other way around
Other Thoughts:
you can desolder the bridge rectifier if you use dc to gain a volt or a little bit more
Bottomline: very nice and versatile driver, it can power up to 7 3w led, even a 10w led (a little lower at 700 instead of 900 mA)
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