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Neodymium NIB Magnet Spheres (6mm / 20-Pack)

Neodymium NIB Magnet Spheres (6mm / 20-Pack)

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- 6mm diameter uniformly sized spheres- Note: pictures shows neodymium shperes in various sizes. This product is for 6mm spheres. Actual size shown in the pictures with a caliper.- Ultra strong rare-earth magnets- Perfect pieces for DIY projects and for building 3D puzzles out of magnets
Dimensions: 0.24 in x 0.24 in x 0.24 in
Weight: 2.12 oz
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Pros: this is exactly what this is, very strong magnets which can form any shape you want them to form. alot of fun and great for your work environment to let out steam, i got these right on time while on a conference call for quota discussions, and i used it all the time to let out my anger :)
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