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UltraFire 2*18650/4*CR123A Battery Protective Case (2-Pack)

UltraFire 2*18650/4*CR123A Battery Protective Case (2-Pack)

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- Ultrafire branded- Accomodates 2 x 18650, 4 x CR123A, or combinations of 18650 and CR123A batteries- Safe guards your batteries from short circuiting and other hazards
- Casing color may vary between shipments
Dimensions: 3.03 in x 1.57 in x 0.91 in
Weight: 1.06 oz
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Pros: I use this Сase for standard 18650 batteries. It has a very small size, so it is convenient to take with you when you need to carry extra batteries. Batteries in the Сase are tight and do not hang out, thanks to the special form of the stand. Case tightly closed and latched, so there is no fear that the batteries fall out. This Сase is universal - it is possible to put across 4 batteries size CR123A. After several years of use, the Сase is not broke, do not become loose latch. I think it is a good Сase for storing batteries for a small price. Given that the kit includes 2 pieces.
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